March 2009


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Cuba: Your Chance to Build a New Agenda
This month, President Obama made the first steps in loosening restrictions on travel to Cuba. It's a first step, but now we think it's time for him to follow through with his campaign promises - and to go further by ending the embargo. Before we put together a petition for our memebers to send to the president, we want to know what you think. What should the petition say? Join the discussion>>

Who Inspires You?
At MADRE, we're devoting Women's Month to the women who have made a difference without making the news. We are celebrating the people who inspire us to want and work for a better world: our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, our friends. These are the women who motivate us to continue in our work. Help us put together a video honoring these women. Send us pictures of the women in your life who inspire you by April 1st! Take part>>

Nicaragua: Invest in the Fabric of a Community
The Wangki Tangni Women's Sewing Collective needs your help obtaining sewing machines and sewing material. The Sewing Collective offers classes to women in the community and has recently sold some of their products at a local small producers craft fair. You can help these women by donating your sewing machine and/or any unused fabric, thread, yarn, buttons, pins, needles and thimbles. Learn more>>

Iraq: Raise Your Voice
On the sixth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, MADRE members joined our sisters there in demanding the withdrawal of US troops and an end to all US military action by sending a letter to President Obama. Didn't have a chance to send a letter? Send one now>>

MADRE News & Views

Peru: Indigenous Youth Arts Project Update
For the fifth consecutive year, MADRE and our sister organization CHIRAPAQ facilitated a stone carving workshop for Indigenous Quechua and Ashaninkas youth in rural and urban communities in Ayacucho, Peru. The goal of the project is to give Indigenous children the opportunity to develop their artistic potential while also strengthening their cultural identity through art. Learn more>>

Darfur: Responding to the Crisis
Thirteen international aid agencies have been expelled from Sudan, with more on their way, leaving the population even more vulnerable. Over one million people in Darfur depend on these aid groups every day for food, water and health services. MADRE's partner organization, Zenab for Women in Development, is working to deliver emergency supplies for families in Darfur. Learn more>>

After Six Years, Some US troops Will Leave Iraq. But Where Are We Leaving Iraqi Women?
If you haven't thought about the Iraq War as a story of US allies systematically torturing and executing women, you're not alone. Likewise, if you were under the impression that Iraqi women were somehow better off under their new, US-sponsored government. Read more>>

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