June 2009

June 2009

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The Afghan Women's Survival Fund

Be a part of MADRE's initiative for Afghan women in an entirely new way. Become a member of the Founders Circle and be a part of the network to provide emergency transport, communications, and shelter to women human rights activists whose lives are threatened.  Read more.

Women's Wheels: Bicycles for Rural Development

With your help, MADRE has raised enough money to send five specially-designed, load-carrying bicycles to the women of Umoja and the seven surrounding communities. Help us meet our goal of eight bikes by spreading the word about the project in your community. Learn how.

Demand Sexual Rights for All

It's an important week for sexual rights in the United States: Saturday is National HIV Testing Day and Sunday marks the 40th anniversary of Stonewall, a turning point in the United States LGBT Rights Movement.

Help MADRE propel the Sexual Rights Movement around the world:

  • At the end of July, we'll send a shipment of reproductive resources to our partners at the  Barcenas Women Workers' Committee. Help MADRE ensure that every woman has the right to control her own fertility and protect herself from disease. Learn more.
  • In November, MADRE will celebrate Transgender Day of Awareness by bringing Silvia Martinez, a leader in the Nicaraguan Transgender Movement, to speak at colleges around the country. If you want to help bring MADRE speakers to your school or community, make it happen!
  • Check myMADRE, MADRE's blog for more updates this weekend!

MADRE News & Views

Peru: Indigenous Victory is a Victory for All

After a courageous protest by Indigenous Peoples, Peru's government repealed new laws that opened the Amazon rainforest to oil drilling. Read more.

Moving Beyond Survival

Your commitment to MADRE makes it possible for women who are displaced by war and other disasters to ensure their families' survival and allows them to rebuild their lives. On World Refugee Day, we highlighted some of the incredible work that our sisters are doing. Read more.



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