January 2009


What's Your Agenda for Women's Human Rights?
Let's write a powerful message to President Obama and participate in the process of getting the US to engage with the world, not just occupy it. Add your ideas to ours and help us build a new women's human rights agenda for the Obama administration. Learn more>>

"Organizing for America" Means Fighting for Human Rights Worldwide
President Obama is banking on his web-based group, Organizing For America, to "build grassroots support for the administration's agenda." Those of us who have been working to advance women's human rights around the world are optimistic about winning positive change in 2009 and beyond. But doing so will depend on progressives being able to mobilize effectively. Read more>>


Demand that US Arms Sales to Israel Stop
Although the invasion of Gaza is currently halted, the damage that has been done to the civilian population is extensive. The US remains Israel's most valuable military supplier. Haven't signed the petition yet? Join us in telling President Obama to stop the supply of weapons to Israel. Learn more>>

Send Supplies to Nicaragua
MADRE recently sent a large shipment of medical supplies, contact lenses and eyeglasses to our sister organizations CADPI and Wangki Tangni in Nicaragua.  Now Helping Hands is starting a new campaign, aiming to send and even bigger shipment to Nicaragua and needs your help.  Find out more how you can directly help women and families in need. Learn more>>

Mark Women's History Month with MADRE
MADRE is planning a speaking tour for March 2009 that will feature Fatima Ahmed, an agronomist working with women farmers in Sudan, and Executive Director Vivian Stromberg. The tour will focus on the impact of climate change and conflict on rural women in Sudan and other communities around the world. Learn more>>

Travel with MADRE to Kenya
Join MADRE from May 23-30, 2009 on a Community Service Trip to a rural, Indigenous Samburu community in Kenya. Visit a unique community created and led by Samburu women who have declared their village a violence-against-women-free zone, and help renovate and paint the village school. Learn more>>


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