February 2009

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Iraq: Your Chance to Build a New Agenda
With the fifth anniversary of the
Iraq war approaching, it's time for a better strategy in Iraq. Help us shape a plan that's better than a continuation of war. What do you think needs to happen? Help us write the letter that we will send to Congress and President Obama on the occasion of the fifth anniversary. Take part>>

Who Inspires You?
In honor of Women's Month, we've been thinking about
the people who inspire us to want to change the world. We started making a video, but it won't be complete until we hear from you! Help us make a tribute to the people who have made a difference in your lives too.  We want to know: who inspires you? Take part>>


MADRE News & Views

Palestine: Gaza Emergency Response Update
Just days after the Israeli airstrikes
against Gaza began, MADRE was working to facilitate an emergency response to the rising crisis. Relying on our partnership with the Palestinian Medical Relief Society, MADRE was able to channel life-saving support into areas in Gaza where it was most needed. Learn more>>

Nicaragua: Harvesting Hope Project Update
Together with our long-time sister organization, Wangki
Tangni, in Nicaragua, MADRE continues to work on Harvesting Hope, a project that provides both seeds and training to women whose families struggle with malnutrition. A recent shipment provided organic seeds to over 80 families and 30 community gardens. Learn more>>

Sudan: Women Farmers Unite Project Update
The Women Farmers Union in Sudan
that MADRE helped to found only two years ago has already grown to over 2000 members. This summer seeds were distributed to over 20 villages by union members, and local coordinators have been working with farmers to provide support and resources. Learn more>>

Un-Gagging Women's Human Rights: a MADRE Article
Of the many crises President
Barack Obama faces, few are more urgent than preventing the needless deaths of half a million people this year. This is the number of women who die annually from a lack of basic reproductive health services. Unlike the global recession and climate change, the crisis of maternal mortality is easily resolved. Read more>>


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