E-Newsletter September 2011

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As famine and drought spread in East Africa, you helped provide life-saving aid to women and families in danger. In this month's MADRE Speaks, we've gathered resources about our ongoing relief effort - and what your support has made possible.
Top Story 
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Your Support in Action:  You enabled our sister organization Womankind Kenya to deliver life-saving relief to refugee women and families fleeing from famine into northeastern Kenya. See how you have saved lives. Read More»  
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"As Mothers and as Farmers, the Future Depends on Us": Our partners at the Women Farmers Union in Sudan sent a contribution to support the famine relief efforts of Womankind Kenya, helping to fill the gaps left by a failing global food aid system. Read More»
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The Avoidable Famine: The East African famine is not a natural disaster—it’s a failure of leadership. To prevent the next famine and defend the right to food, we must confront climate change, political chaos and bad economic policies. Read More »
Media from MADRE 
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Reporting Back from Kenya: Recently, we met with our sister organizations in Kenya, including our new partner, Womankind Kenya, an organization of Somali pastoralists.We’d like to give you the chance to relive the trip! Read More»
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Underreported and Unchecked: Sexual Violence against Somali Refugee Women: Women and girls fleeing famine have been targeted with sexual violence. Grassroots organizations, like our partners at Womankind Kenya, offer rape survivors a chance to heal. Read More »
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Snapshots from Kenya: Henry Chalfant, a longtime MADRE supporter and a wonderful photographer, came with us to Kenya. He documented the work we support there, including human rights trainings and clean water projects. See Photos» 


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