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2011: A Year of Transformations: Join MADRE in celebrating the accomplishments our members made possible. In 2011, you helped us fight the targeted killings of Guatemalan women. We stood with grassroots women combating rape in Haiti. We supported Iraqi women who demand real democracy. Imagine what we can achieve in 2012! Read More»



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Countdown to Seven Billion: Last month, the world greeted its seven billionth person. To recognize this important landmark, the myMADRE blog published the Seven Billion Blog Testimonies. We asked the question: how do we protect the rights of seven billion people?  Read More»


Nov 2011 3rd group.jpgMADRE in Haiti:  MADRE staff recently traveled to Haiti to meet with our sister organization KOFAVIV. We’d like to give you the chance to relive the trip! Check out our photos. Learn More»



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Creating a Space for Justice in Colombia: Many Colombian women who have survived rape never see justice. MADRE was recently part of an effort to give these women the chance to tell their stories. Read More» 




Media from MADRE 

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New Jersey Salon Owner Reaches Out to Guatemalan Women: Montclair, NJ isn’t so far away from Guatemala City after all! After the launch of MADRE’s newest project, Sister Salons for Guatemala, a local newspaper published an article that shows why. Read More»


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I Believe in Occupying: “What I see is a movement that represents human kind. I see a movement that I myself am responsible for building and nurturing and guiding and questioning.” Paula Allen, a MADRE supporter, has joined the protesters Occupying Wall Street. Read More» 


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