E-Newsletter March 2010


Tell Donor Governments to Uphold Haitian Women's Rights
On March 31, governments will gather at the UN for a Donors' Conference to set an agenda for reconstruction in Haiti. Haitian community-based and women's organizations have been largely excluded from this process.

MADRE is part of a coalition calling upon donor governments to declare and adhere to internationally recognized standards of women's human rights in forthcoming relief and reconstruction investments and pushing for the inclusion of Haitian women's voices in the conference.
Empower the Women of Tomorrow
Campaigns_HHShoesforHaiti.jpgIn Kenya, we are working with the Kilgoris Girls' School in the Transmara Area to educate and shelter 400 young girls escaping Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) or forced marriages. The school has asked us to provide the girls with feminine hygiene and school supplies. Take Action »
Oh, Those "Disappointing" Iraqis
by Yifat Susskind
It may be months before we know the final tally of Iraq's March 7 parliamentary elections. But one thing is already clear. As The New York Times editorial page put it today, "Beyond the closeness of the race, the new results -- disappointingly -- show Iraqis once again voted mainly along sectarian and ethnic lines."

Oh, those disappointing Iraqis. You would never guess from the Times piece that sectarianism in Iraq, whether expressed in voting or in violence, is a direct outcome of US policy.  Read More »


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