August 2010


Highlights from the Month

Pakistan: Respond and Rebuild
MADRE ally Shirkat Gah was one of the first organizations on the ground responding to the recent floods in Pakistan. They're also one of the only organizations providing relief specifically targeted at the needs of women and children. Learn more about how Shirkat Gah is responding to the ongoing crisis while planning for the future. »


Guatemalan Women Organize Against Femicide
Guatemala is facing epidemic levels of violence against women. Over the past decade, almost 4,000 women and young girls have been murdered. MADRE and our partners are promoting health and security for women and families in the Barcenas neighborhood of Guatemala City, one of the places where the violence is at its worst. Learn more »


You Can Help!
Through our Helping Hands Campaign, Flashlights and Whistles for Safety, MADRE will be sending a shipment of flashlights and whistles to our partners in Guatemala soon! Learn more about what you can do. »


Fact Sheet: Water Crisis in Gaza
The shortage of clean water in Gaza has reached crisis levels. The World Health Organization estimates that less than 10 percent of publicly available water is safe to drink. The rest is contaminated with microorganisms and toxins that endanger people's lives and cause needless sickness and suffering. Learn more»


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