April 2009

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Every month we seem to get busier. Instead of having to cut back on our programs, as we feared, with your help we are actually expanding our reach to more women and families whose lives are endangered by wars, policies, economies, and customs that they did not create. Thanks to MADRE members like you, women are changing the conditions that breed human rights abuses. Take a look at these updates and then share your thoughts with us at www.madre.org/mymadre.

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P.S. - Don't forget that Mother's Day is coming up! Show your appreciation to the mothers you care about by making a donation in their honor through MADRE. They'll each receive a beautiful card with your message and know that you've made a difference in more than one woman's life. Visit www.madre.org/mothersday.


Get Involved

Help Normalize US Relations with Cuba
MADRE is calling on the Obama administration to fulfill a promise for change. For fifty years, the United States has waged a fierce battle against Cuba - a battle that has done untold harm to the country's civilian population and their families in exile. Sign the petition>>

Host a MADRE Speaker this Fall
In Fall 2009, MADRE will coordinate speaking engagements around the US covering a range of topics related to women's human rights. Our talks will feature women working at the community and international levels to promote human rights around the world. Host a speaker>>

MADRE News & Views

MADRE Talking Points: Seven Reasons to Oppose a Troop Surge in Afghanistan
We know that elements in the military and Congress exerted great pressure on President Obama to ratchet up the war on Afghanistan. To achieve a more rational and peaceful outcome, we need to exert a counter-pressure. MADRE calls on the Obama administration to chart a whole new course in US-Afghan relations, based on the
understanding that the US needs to engage with the rest of the world, not just occupy it. Read more>>

Guatemala: Farming for the Future, Project Update
Farming for the Future was designed to establish pig farming as a source of food security and microenterprise for Indigenous Ixil women in El Quiché department in the Guatemalan highlands. Working in collaboration with our local partner, Muixil, MADRE has installed two communally-owned pens, provided pigs and feed, and trained women in animal husbandry, business management and human rights. Learn more>>

From the Blog
Some of the stories from myMADRE this month:


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