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Founder, Centro de la Mujer Peruana Flora Tristán

Virginia Vargas is a sociologist, professor and consultant.  She pursued her studies in the department of sociology at the Pontificia Universidad Católica in Peru and the school of sociology at the Universidad de Chile in Santiago, Chile.  She also has a Master’s in Political Sociology.  She is an author, feminist and activist known for her extensive experience as a consultant for projects and programs on both the regional and national levels.  In 1993 she received the “Monseñor Proaño” prize, which is awarded each year by the Latin American Association for Human Rights (ALDHU) to people working for human rights.  In 1995 she was one of the recipients of an award given by UNIFEM on its 20th anniversary.  In 1996, she was awarded the “Progressive Woman 1995” prize by the Federation of Progressive Women in Spain.  She has been a visiting professor for various programs both in Latin America and in The Hague, Holland.  She has been coordinator of NGOs in Latin America and the Caribbean for the Forum on NGOs for the Fourth World Conference on Women held by the United Nations in September 1995 in Beijing, China.  She is also an active participant in the Latin American political movement Articulación Feminista MARCOSUR (Marcosur Feminist Coordination), and participates in the Women’s Movement for Democracy (MUDE) in Peru.  In recent years, Virginia has also worked as a consultant for UNIFEM and as a permanent consultant of the budgets team with a gender perspective in Peru.  She is currently a member of the Feminist Studies and Discussiob Program in the Flora Tristán Center.

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