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Executive Director, CHIRAPAQ, Centro de Culturas Indígenas del Perú

Tarcila RiveraTarcila Rivera is the Executive Director of CHIRAPAQ, an organization based in rural Ayacucho, Peru.  CHIRAPAQ offers human rights trainings, distributes information on Indigenous cultures and rights, and investigates violations of Indigenous Peoples’ rights.  The organization also works to eradicate poverty and hunger in the Andean region through community programs that increase self-sufficiency and access to food and expand the community’s economic base.  An Indigenous Quechua from Ayacucho, she is a popular educator and renowned advocate for the international recognition of Indigenous rights.  She has served as a resource person to the NGO Committee on Indigenous Rights, and she advocates for sexual and reproductive rights at the local, national, regional, and international levels.

Languages: Spanish

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