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Director, Wangki Tangni

Rose CunninghamRose Cunningham is a Miskita Indigenous leader and an expert in popular education, international labor law, and the rights of migrants, refugees, and displaced persons.  She served as an officer of the Organization of American States for 10 years and as Gender Coordinator for the International Organization of Migration.  She is the Founder and current Director of Wangki Tangni (“Flower of the River” in the Indigenous Miskitu language).  Through Wangki Tangni, she has worked to serve more than 104 poor and marginalized communities along the Coco River by developing programs that promote self sufficiency and assisting Indigenous Peoples to develop the skills they need for self-government, protection of their region’s biodiversity, and preservation of their traditional cultures.  With an explicit focus on gender, Wangki Tangni plays a unique role on the North Atlantic Coast, offering programs, building local infrastructure and institutions, and providing essential coordination between numerous Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations.

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