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Member of the Board of the Feminist Organization "La Cuerda"

Maria Eugenia SolisMaría Eugenia Solís is a 52 year old feminist professor and attorney from Guatemala.  She studied labor issues and has a Master’s in Human Rights.  She is a litigator, a strong women’s rights advocate and a professor in a Master’s Program for Human Rights. She is also a founding member of La Cuerda, which produces a feminist monthly publication of the same name: since 1997, the only newspaper produced by women, for women in Guatemala. La Cuerda’s other activities include building political alliances with other social movements, running feminist workshops, fighting racism and discrimination, and conducting research and activism around the International Criminal Court (ICC). She has done extensive advocacy work in Guatemala on the ICC and on gender issues within this body. She was Guatemala’s only delegate to the Women’s Caucus for Gender Justice and has since continued to participate in activities of this group, now known as Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice. She has produced training materials for women on labor law, economic and social human rights, and sexuality.

Languages: Spanish, English

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