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Executive Director, Association of Women's Rights in Development (AWID)

Lydia AlpizarLydia Alpízar is a Costa Rican feminist activist who lives in Mexico City.  She participated actively in youth organizing and mobilization around the Earth Summit process in 1991-1992 and worked for several years as coordinator of the Youth Program of the Earth Council.  She facilitated the participation of young women from Latin America in the Beijing ‘95 process.  She is co-founder and advisor of ELIGE – Youth Network for Reproductive and Sexual Rights (Mexico), and she is also co-founder of the Latin American and Caribbean Youth Network for Reproductive and Sexual Rights.  In 2000, she was the Latin American regional representative to the International NGO Committee for Beijing +5.  She has extensive experience in advocacy and training on women’s human rights, particularly in sexual and reproductive rights and violence against women.

Languages: English, Spanish

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