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Independent Consultant, Speaker and On-line Instructor in Disaster Management

Elaine EnarsonDr. Elaine Enarson is an American disaster sociologist with a focus on gender relations and social justice. Her research and publications have addressed social vulnerability and resilience issues, including the impacts of Hurricane Andrew on women, gender patterns in flood evacuation, women’s human rights in disasters, and the impacts of drought and earthquake on rural women in Gujarat, India. Other publications have focused on gender and employment, international perspectives on disaster and gender, gender mainstreaming disaster management in Canada, strategies for addressing high-risk social groups in local emergency management, and gender-sensitive disaster prevention and disaster recovery. She has collaborated with UN agencies on gender and disaster risk reduction initiatives and co-convened numerous workshops and conferences in the field. In 2006, she was the recipient of the Mary Fran Myers Gender and Disaster Award. Currently, Dr. Enarson is co-editing a second international reader in the field and developing a monograph on Women and Girls Last? Gender and Disaster. She is an independent consultant, speaker and on-line instructor in disaster management based in Colorado.

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