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Project Update: Emergency Aid Distribution in Guatemala

Posted on: Thursday, July 8, 2010

Keywords: Guatemala, Emergency Relief, Latin America, Economic Justice, Environmental Justice

In Guatemala, as many as 112,000 people were forced from their homes following a devastating volcanic eruption and tropical storm last month. In the communities where our sister organization, the Women Workers' Committee, works, an estimated 800 homes were destroyed, and women and families are now living in local schools and churches.

Earlier this week, we heard from our partner Sandra Gonzalez. She asked us to pass on our thanks to the many MADRE members who responded to the crisis and enabled us to send emergency humanitarian aid to the families in these communities. With support from MADRE members, the Committee has been able to provide families with food and emergency supplies. You can see photos that Sandra sent of the aid distribution below.

Sandra remains incredibly worried about the situation. She told us that many villages in the area were destroyed entirely, and others remain at risk due to the ongoing tremors caused by Volcano Pacaya. Crops were wiped out, and many people, particularly children, are suffering from allergies and respiratory and skin problems. She and the Committee remain hard at work providing these communities with ongoing emergency support. You can help. 


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