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Update on Earthquake Victims in Peru

Posted on: Monday, August 20, 2007

Keywords: Economic Justice, Environmental Justice, Peru, Latin America and Caribbean, Emergency Relief

Please help Afro-Peruvian and Indigenous families who lost everything in last week's earthquake.

We sent you an urgent request for support last week for our Peruvian partner LUNDU, which is working in Afro-Peruvian communities affected by the earthquake. People in the region are still digging through ashes in hopes of finding survivors.

LUNDU tell us that 90,000 people were affected and 16,000 houses destroyed. Whole families are sleeping on the streets and have no water or food. Other families remain under the debris from their houses. Roads are still blocked. There is no electricity or phone service in many areas.

We have already been able to send some funds to LUNDU to provide clothing, food, blankets, medicines, housing, stoves, and other necessities, and your support is enabling us to send more. LUNDU is working tirelessly to channel that aid to the most affected families.

This weekend, we received an urgent call from CHIRAPAQ, our partner that works with Indigenous women and families in Peru. In those communities, every last house was destroyed by the earthquake. The need is huge. Their plea is urgent. Please help MADRE help our Indigenous Peruvian partners.

Both LUNDU and CHIRAPAQ are looking to MADRE supporters for aid. If you have already given, thank you. If you haven’t, please take this opportunity to help Afro-Peruvian and Indigenous Quechua families affected by this devastating earthquake.

Any amount you can will give make a difference. Please donate today.

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