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The View from Falluja

Posted on: Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Keywords: Iraq, Middle East

The View from Falluja
November 17, 2004
From Yanar Mohammed, founder of MADRE’s sister organization, the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq
November 17, 2004
Air raids, bombing and all kinds of siege continue over the city, a result of which one fourth of the houses were bombed, collapsed and buried under them the men, elderly, women and children. Most of the city’s surviving civilians are refugees in the surrounding areas and cities enduring worst living conditions and nutrition, with lack of medicine for the wounded. Their houses and streets continue to witness the most severe battles that result in the mass killing of fighters against American troops.
Millions of people in Iraq refuse the American occupation as it proves to be capable of terminating both fighters and civilians equally. This rejection has pushed thousands of young men into the ranks of the fighters in spite of their suspicion of the resistance’s inhumane practices and agenda which is based upon beheading and raising pictures of symbols of the late Baath regime.
Political Islam groups such as Zarkawi’s benefit from the overwhelming anger of Iraqis and their desire to fight an occupier who kills and runs them over with their tanks without the slightest consideration for their lives. These groups are strengthened by billions of dollars that flow across the border swamping Falluja, Baquba and Mosul with monies that recruit vulnerable youth within the ranks of “Mujahideen”. Thus winning them into a most inhuman and criminal group where innocent people’s abduction and beheadings of foreigners are easily justified and encouraged.
Millions are appalled between two terrorist alternatives: the first being that of the American troops and arsenal and their Iraqi puppet government that is most remote from the interests of the people, while the other is the alternative of the resistance of Islamists and Baathists who can change Iraq into another Afghanistan under Taliban if they win the current war.
The third marginalized alternative is the only hope. There is no salvation for the devastated masses to rid themselves from both occupation and terrorism unless they resort to the secular and egalitarian alternative; one that eradicates all division lines of ethnicity, religion and sectarianism, one that guarantees respect, self-esteem and equality for women.
The time has come for the secular alternative to move towards riding the people from the occupation and to reject the current terrorist resistance.
No to American occupation … No to Afghanization of Iraq … Long live the bright alternative of freedom, secularism and equality.
Yanar Mohammed
Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq

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