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May 2009

UN Committee against Torture Calls for an End to Nicaragua's Life-Threatening Abortion Ban

Posted on: Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Keywords: Reproductive Rights, Women's Health, Nicaragua, Latin America and Caribbean, UN

In a precedent-setting move, the United Nations Committee against Torture has called for Nicaragua to modify its abortion laws.  Since October 2006, Nicaragua has eliminated all exceptions to a ban on abortions, including procedures to save the life of the...

An Open Letter from the Continental Network of Indigenous Women to the Peruvian Government

Posted on: Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Keywords: Peru, Latin America, Indigenous Rights, Combating Violence Against Women

By Tarcila Rivera Zea, member of MADRE's Network of Experts Partial translation from the original Spanish.  Continental Network of Indigenous WomenSouth American RegionLima, May 13, 2009To: Alan Garcia Perez, President of the Republic of PeruJavier Velasques Quesquen,  President of the Congress of...


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