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In Memory of Pete Seeger

Posted on: Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Pete Seeger’s protests songs were -- and are -- the music that propelled movements for social change. With his banjo inscribed with the words, “This machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender,” he expressed the immense power of music to rally and to unify people in the pursuit of social justice.

MADRE mourns his passing last night at age 94 and honors his contributions over the decades. He stood up for labor rights, for racial justice, against militarism, and for the environment. He was condemned for his political activities by the House Un-American Activities Committee and blacklisted, but despite every obstacle, he kept singing. He lent his voice and his solidarity to the civil rights movement, to anti-war activism, and to many efforts to move the world towards peace and justice. What’s more, he motivated new generations of artists to link their creativity and activism.

We are grateful for the music and inspiration he brought to our lives.

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