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Bringing Together Women Leaders in Kenya (Video)

Posted on: Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Keywords: Kenya, Africa, Women Human Rights Defenders, Water Rights, Indigenous Rights

Kenya - (c) Henry ChalfantOne of the important roles that MADRE plays is to connect the women leaders of our sister organizations. Yesterday, we shared with you MADRE Executive Director Yifat Susskind’s first update from her trip to Kenya, where she is visiting our sister organizations. Joining her on this trip to Kenya is Rose Cunningham, director of our Nicaraguan sister organization Wangki Tangni. With MADRE, Rose will be meeting with other Indigenous women leaders in Kenya to exchange information, share successes and build solutions to the crises women face in their communities.

As Yifat recently wrote in an update to MADRE members:

Rose has been a key part of MADRE’s work since we were founded back in 1983. This is actually the fifth time that Rose is in Kenya with MADRE. In addition to being an amazing community organizer, Rose is a world-renowned popular educator. She has a genius for working with women in communities and enabling them to tap into the power they need to make positive social change—in their own lives, in their families and communities and even at the national and global level. Sometimes, this is power that the women don’t even know they possess until Rose shows it to them through the trainings we do together.

I’m excited to head out to the communities of our sister organization, the Indigenous Information Network (IIN), and to see Rose in action. She’ll be leading trainings on women’s rights, Indigenous rights and the right to water.

Click below to watch a video of Yifat, Rose Cunningham and Lucy Mulenkei, director of our partner organization, the Indigenous Information Network (IIN), as they discuss the power women generate when they come together to share their stories and their knowledge.

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