Economic | Environmental Justice

This year, the UN Meteorological Organization warned of record-breaking extreme weather on every continent. Around the world, wars are raging over natural resources. While a handful of the world's people continue to get richer, nearly 900 million, most of them women and girls, suffer from hunger and malnutrition - and that number is rising. Meanwhile, as many as 140,000 species are becoming extinct each year - more than at any other time in human history. 

Clearly, the world has reached a tipping point in its ability to absorb the harmful impacts of unsustainable resource use, economic greed, and militarism. This planet-wide crisis is the defining issue of our time: never before have we faced a web of problems that threatens the survival of humanity and the life of the planet itself.

But we are also on the verge of another tipping point, as hopeful as the threat is grave.

More and more people are realizing that we cannot continue to live outside the laws of nature and that we have the capability to reinvent our economies and habitats on a sustainable basis and in ways that safeguard human rights. Around the world, strong public consciousness is spreading about the interrelationships between the problems that threaten our communities and the ecosystems on which we depend. Increasingly, people are focused on creating concrete, realizable solutions that are both local and systemic.

MADRE's work with women and families around the world beats at the heart of this movement to reset the course of the world. In communities where we work - in Sudan, Iraq, Nicaragua, Palestine, Haiti, Guatemala, Kenya, Peru, and Colombia - women experience this global crisis on a daily basis. They face wars, environmental destruction, poverty, and gender-based violence. Yet, they reject catastrophic end-of-the-world scenarios because they know that change is not only possible - it is already happening.

It is the women themselves who are creating this change in partnership with MADRE.


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