Kenya: Mobile Clinics, Rooted Change

The Problem: © Womankind Kenya

In northeastern Kenya, Somali families fleeing famine and war have settled in communities that are themselves facing face severe drought and hunger.

Refugees and Kenyan families alike struggle to survive severe malnutrition, and outbreaks of malaria, cholera and typhoid.

Hospitals and clinics are few and far between. Anyone on the road trying to reach medical help—especially women—are prey to marauding militias intent on robbery and rape.

The Solution:

MADRE is working with Womankind Kenya to create a mobile health clinic to bring essential medical care to women and their families. The van will be loaded with medicines, doctors and treatment tents and can transport those in need to hospitals. Our partners will offer family planning, HIV prevention resources and counseling. Doctors, nurses and counselors will travel to remote communities with medical supplies, equipment and tents. Our partners will erect the tents for a day or two in each community to treat patients and offer private medical consultation for women.

The mobile health units will do more than meet urgent needs. They will also provide preventative measures such as disease screening, immunization and health education.

The Results:

  • Local communities, including refugee families fleeing famine and war have life-sustaining medical care for themselves and their families;
  • Malnutrition, cholera, malaria and typhoid cases are significantly reduced;
  • Women receive critical HIV prevention education, medical support, and counseling to improve health and reduce violence against women;
  • Women and their families have access to health care and family planning.