Cuba: Renewing Aid, Renewing Hope

The Problem:

The biggest threat to public health in Cuba comes from the United States. Since 1960, Cubans have endured the world’s longest embargo—imposed by the US in response to the Cuban revolution. The embargo prevents Cuba from purchasing food and medicine, with grave consequences for women and their families. Every year for the past 20 years, the UN General Assembly has condemned this embargo as a violation of international humanitarian law.   

Members of the US Congress have repeatedly introduced bills to end the policy. But consecutive US Administrations have refused to give it up, even as President Obama has promised to loosen restrictions.

The Solution:

We work to meet urgent health needs of Cuban families and to change US policy towards Cuba. We call for an end to the embargo and the ban on travel to Cuba and advocate for normalized relations that respect Cuban women and families.

The Cuban Red Cross delivers our donations of medicines to five hospitals and clinics in Havana. MADRE delivers life-saving medicines to combat cancer, pediatric diseases and other public health threats exacerbated by the US embargo.

The Results:

  • We deliver well-trained Cuban doctors and nurses the medicines they need to save people’s lives.
  • We build bonds of friendship and support with Cubans working to build healthier communities.
  • Our advocacy shines a spotlight on decades-long failed and harmful policies.
  • We combat childhood disease and malnutrition by delivering essential medicines and supplements to Cuban families.