Syria & Jordan: Arab Women's Organization

AWO Photo.jpgThe Arab Women's Organization (AWO) is a community-based women's organization supporting Syrian women refugees in Jordan. 

As refugees in Jordan, women struggle to access social services, like education for their children, health care and housing. 

But AWO is there for them. With their strong local ties, they connect women to the vital services they need. Their interventions help pull people out of the deepest poverty and the deprivation that sometimes leads desperate parents to sell their daughters into marriage, far too young. MADRE is working together with AWO to provide capacity-building to strengthen their outreach programs.

AWO also works against the sexual violence and exploitation that many Syrian women and girls face--both in the war and as refugees. They gather stories and conduct interviews with refugee women, who reveal patterns of discrimination, poverty and abuse. In particular, AWO and MADRE will work together to document sexual violence and to provide women with immediate care and referral to services The cases we document will serve as crucial evidence for future justice processes.