© MADRECHIRAPAQ (The Center for Indigenous Peoples' Cultures of Peru) was formed 1986 in Ayacucho, Peru by a group of Andean and Amazonian women. Their goal was to increase cultural representation of Indigenous Peoples, defend Indigenous rights and strengthen Indigenous identities in their communities.

Today, CHIRAPAQ investigates violations of Indigenous Peoples' rights, offers women and youth human rights trainings and works to document and preserve Indigenous culture. The organization also works to eradicate poverty and hunger in the Andean region through community self-help programs that increase self-sufficiency and access to food and expand the community's economic base.


CHIRAPAQ's youth programs focus on raising self-esteem and strengthening Indigenous identity. Through workshops on drawing, painting, dance, pottery and music, CHIRAPAQ works with children who have been displaced by political violence in Peru to overcome the trauma of displacement and learn to express themselves through art.

Food Security and Sustainable Development

Peru has the third highest child malnutrition rate in Latin America. In response to the problem of malnutrition in the Ayacucho province, CHIRAPAQ has developed a food security program to increase self-sufficiency in the region. In keeping with CHIRAPAQ's commitment to Indigenous leadership development, the program encourages active participation of Indigenous families and organizations and focuses on sustainable development.

Human Rights Advocacy

To support Indigenous women's leadership development, CHIRAPAQ has created a leadership program that serves as a unique space where Indigenous women can come together to exchange ideas and share knowledge. Indigenous women leaders from more than 20 organizations around Peru have taken part in the program. As a result, they have created a national network to promote Indigenous Peoples' rights.

CHIRAPAQ has also done important work on the international level, bringing the perspective of Indigenous Peoples of Peru to key UN conferences and participating in international Indigenous Peoples' forums.


© LUNDULUNDU, the Center of Afro-Peruvian Studies and Promotion, is an organization of Afro-Peruvian youth working to promote recognition and respect for Peru's Afro-descendant population and combat racism and sexism in Peruvian society. LUNDU provides skills training and leadership development for young Afro-Peruvians, facilitates their political participation, and offers cultural programs to help people reconnect with their Afro-Peruvian identities. LUNDU also works to build networks between Afro-descendant communities throughout Latin America.

Based in Lima, LUNDU offers forums, trainings, and a center with videos and publications on Afro-Peruvian culture and experiences. LUNDU's trainings focus on building self-esteem among Afro-Peruvian young people, promoting positive models of Afro-Peruvian womanhood and spreading knowledge about sexual and reproductive health.