FACSDIS is the only organization in Haiti responding to the specific needs and advocating for the rights of lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LBT) women.

FACSDIS (Femmes En Action Contre La Stigmatisation Et La Discrimination Sexuelle / Women in Action against Stigmatization and Sexual Discrimination) is a strong and vocal advocate against homophobia and transphobia, and for a better understanding and inclusion of the LGBT community in Haiti. FACSDIS provides health and legal referrals and services for LBT women, to educate them on their human rights and sexual health, and advocates at the national and international level for the inclusion and respect of the LGBT community in Haiti. FACSDIS also offers a vital space for women who face stigma and marginalization to come together, exchange their experiences and form community.

For three years, MADRE has worked in partnership with FACSDIS, providing financial assistance, and supporting advocacy efforts. Together, we provide trainings on human rights and civic participation, and we raise awareness and mobilize international pressure on Haitian authorities to recognize and protect the rights of the LGBT community.