Our Partners

The women who come together through MADRE are survivors of war, political repression, genocide, economic and sexual exploitation, and the twin burdens of natural disaster and disastrous policies. Yet they have refused to give in to despair. Instead, they have organized with MADRE to build programs that meet urgent needs in their communities and create lasting solutions to the crises they confront.

MADRE has historically partnered with sister organizations based in areas not necessarily highlighted below: our sister organizations highlighted in the upcoming pages are those MADRE has the honor to work with currently.

MADRE's Sister Organizations:

Colombia: Taller de Vida | LIMPAL
Guatemala: Women Workers' Committee | Muixil
Iraq: The Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq
Kenya: Indigenous Information Network  | Womankind Kenya
Nicaragua: Wangki Tangni | CADAMUC | CADPI
Palestine: Midwives for Peace | The Palestinian Medical Relief Society | Zakher Association
Sudan: Zenab for Women in Development
International: International Indigenous Women's Forum