Meeting Immediate Needs

Women cannot develop long-term solutions to the crises they face when they are struggling to ensure their family’s daily survival. MADRE therefore works to meet urgent needs as a necessary component of creating social change.

In addition to longer-term development projects, MADRE works in two ways to meet the immediate needs of women and families around the world.


Emergency & Disaster Relief Fund

MADRE members working to send donations after emergency - c. MADREMADRE's Emergency & Disaster Relief Fund enhances MADRE's capacity to respond to crises and enables us to act immediately and effectively when disasters strike, bringing urgently needed resources directly to the women and families most in need. Learn more >>


Contribute to MADRE's Emergency & Disaster Relief Fund.


 Helping Hands

Child receiving his first wheelchair - c. Wangki TangniMADRE’s Helping Hands Program delivers medicines, school supplies and other humanitarian aid to our sister organizations around the world. These contributions enable women to meet immediate needs in their communities and strengthen their work for positive social change. Learn more >>


Contribute to MADRE's Helping Hands Program.