2013 Results: Syria

Here are some of the results for our 2013 programs with Syrian women who are refugees

GOAL: Provide life-sustaining humanitarian aid to Syrian families in Syria and who are refugees in Turkey and Jordan

Activity: Provide reproductive health services and humanitarian aid to Syrian women  

✔ Results: Your support allowed MADRE to respond to the critical needs of Syrian women and girls. We have delivered life-saving humanitarian aid for Syrian refugee women and their families and for families inside Syria.

Activity: Combat sexual violence with counseling, prevention strategies, and awareness-raising

✔ Results: We sent nurses and midwives to provide health care, family planning and trauma counseling. And we are working to document violence against Syrian women in the war. This documentation will provide legally viable evidence in future war crimes tribunals and other justice processes. And MADRE is training Syrian women’s groups on how to use international law to raise awareness and win justice for survivors of wartime sexual violence.


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