2013 Results: Kenya

In Kenya, we partner with:

  • The Indigenous Information Network (IIN), an organization that works to connect Indigenous Peoples in Kenya and strengthen their demands for human rights
  • Womankind Kenya, a community-based women’s organization of Somali pastoralists in Northeastern Kenya


Here are some of the results for our 2013 programs in Kenya

GOAL: Advance environmental and economic justice in rural, Indigenous communities

Activity: Foster sustainable farming and water use and reforestation in Indigenous communities

✔ Results: You helped us reach over 4,000 people with potable water through piping, filters and purification systems! Today, the women from these communities do not have to walk miles each morning to collect water. Nor do they have to worry about deadly diseases transmitted through dirty water, such as cholera and typhoid.

Activity: Amplify African women’s voices at policy forums on climate change

✔ Results: With your support, our partners in Kenya brought their vital expertise to the world stage. When world leaders gathered to decide environmental and human rights policy, we helped create platforms for our sisters to participate and speak out, at the United Nations and other spaces of power.

GOAL: Promote girls’ education and an end to harmful traditional practices

Activity: Provide refuge, schooling, and supplies for girls in the Nanyori Shelter Network

✔ Results: We helped our partners buy school uniforms, provide school supplies and personal hygiene products, buy new books and supplies, and cover tuition fees. This is lasting change, the kind that will endure in the decades to come, in the life of each girl who had the chance at an education--thanks to you.


MADRE and Partners Pledge to Keep Girls Safe in Kenya (March 4)

Education is a Universal Human Right (August 22)

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