2013 Results: Iraq

In Iraq, we partner with:

  • The Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI), dedicated to rebuilding Iraq on the basis of secular democracy and human rights for all


Here are some of the results for our 2013 programs in Iraq

GOAL: Combat violence against women and LGBT people

Activity: Shelter women and LGBT people fleeing violence and “honor killings”

✔ Results: Thanks to you, women and gay men who face life-threatening violence because of who they are can find safety, counseling and medical attention in a network of safe houses. This year, we expanded our services to offer a safe haven to over 130 women and young gay men at risk of violence.

GOAL: Demand accountability for the illegal US war on Iraq

Activity: Deliver health care and demand accountability for children suffering illness and lifelong disability in Hawijah, a town contaminated by a US munitions dump site

✔ Results: With your support, we provided wheelchairs and other mobility equipment for children with disabilities. And we’ve joined an international legal challenge through the Right to Heal Campaign to demand accountability from the US government.

Activity: Coordinate a public education and advocacy campaign on the 10th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq

✔ Results: In March 2013, we marked ten years since the invasion of Iraq with the release of a series of public education tools, highlighting the lasting legacies of war (see links below).


Ten Years of Working for Peace in Iraq (March)

10 Years Since the US Invasion of Iraq: An Interactive Timeline (March 19)

A Decade of Occupation for Iraqi Women (March 19)

MADRE and Partners in Iraq Speak Out on 10th Anniversary of Invasion (March 19)

Update on Support for Iraqi Children (March 20)

Al Mousawat Radio Reopens! (October 31)