2013 Results: Guatemala

In Guatemala, we partnered with:

  • Muixil, an organization of Indigenous women that works to defend their political, economic, and cultural rights
  • Women Workers Committee, a community group that works to meet urgent needs in Bárcenas, a makeshift and marginalized neighborhood on the edge of Guatemala City


Here are some of the results for our 2013 programs in Guatemala:

GOAL: Train women in the skills they need to be economically independent

Activity: Support chicken farms for 50 Indigenous women

✔ Results: We did it! This year, 50 women each received three chickens, roofing sheets for chicken coops, and vaccines for the chickens! These small chicken farms are a source of food security and income. Women improve their families’ diets by providing eggs for protein and raise money by selling the extras.

Activity: Fund a weaving cooperative, bringing together 30 Indigenous women

✔ Results: We exceeded our goal! Your support allowed us to provide 48 Indigenous women with raw materials, including thread and fabric, to weave traditional textiles. The women work on large looms to produce traditional clothing, bags, scarves, bracelets and more. The women sell these wares at the local market, raising money to pay for much-needed items, like school supplies and shoes for their children.

GOAL: Improve health in underserved communities

Activity: Stage health fairs, giving vaccinations and medical care

✔ Results: This year, you helped organize a community health fair that provided vaccinations, Pap smears and other vital health tests, as well as 10 trainings on sexual and reproductive health. Over 1,500 women participated!


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