How We Work

Meeting Immediate Needs

Women cannot develop long-term solutions to the crises they face when they are struggling to ensure their family’s daily survival. MADRE therefore works to meet urgent needs as a necessary component of creating social change.

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Partnering for Social Change

MADRE partners with community-based women's organizations that share our vision of a world where all people enjoy the full range of human rights. MADRE works with our sister organizations to meet urgent needs in their communities and enhance women's capacity to create positive social change.

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Advocating for Human Rights

The international human rights framework is a powerful, but under-utilized tool for creating positive social change.

MADRE aims to apply human rights to social change initiatives, advance and improve the human rights framework and to make international law relevant and accountable to the people it is meant to serve.

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Educating the Public

A cogent understanding of the social, economic, and political conditions that confront us is critical to creating positive change. MADRE works to communicate the impacts of policies of governments, international financial institutions, and other centers of power on women and their communities worldwide and to formulate and press for alternatives to destructive policies. MADRE enables people to come together and see their own struggles in a broader context and in relation to other peoples' struggles.

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