We know that the world has reached a tipping point in its ability to absorb the harmful impacts of unsustainable resource use, economic greed and militarism. This planet-wide crisis is the defining issue of our time and a keen reminder that there are no single issues: global problems are interrelated and so are smart solutions.

MADRE is driven by a commitment to solutions.

Over nearly three decades, MADRE has built a network of community-based women's organizations worldwide. This network encompasses thousands of women and families - in Sudan, Iraq, Nicaragua, Cuba, Haiti, Guatemala, Kenya, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Palestine, Afghanistan, Bolivia, and elsewhere - who are on the frontlines of our global crisis. Yet, as part of the MADRE network, they know that change is not only possible - it is already happening.

Through our programs in peace building, women's health & combating violence against women, and economic & environmental justice, MADRE develops innovative social and political strategies that:

  • deliver resources and support to women and families,
  • use human rights advocacy to promote social justice,
  • research and offer alternative solutions to educate and inspire people to action, and
  • work for an equitable distribution of resources to sustain social change.