International: International Indigenous Women's Forum

International Indigenous Women's Forum (IIWF/FIMI)

Woman speaking at panel ©FIMIThe International Indigenous Women’s Forum (better known by its Spanish acronym FIMI) is a network of Indigenous women from Asia, Africa and the Americas that was founded in 2000 in order to promote the rights of Indigenous women and the collective rights of Indigenous Peoples.

  • International Advocacy and Alliance Building
  • Leadership and Human Rights Training
  • Indigenous Women’s Fund

International Advocacy and Alliance Building

FIMI works to increase the role of Indigenous women in international decision-making processes and to ensure that the perspectives of Indigenous women are included in human rights discussions, by:

  • Facilitating Indigenous women’s participation at regional meetings and UN conferences.
  • Promoting Indigenous women’s work through advocacy and media initiatives.

FIMI also works to build alliances between the Indigenous women’s movement and the global women’s movement. .

Leadership and Human Rights Trainings

FIMI provides trainings for Indigenous women to develop their leadership and advocacy skills. In 2013, MADRE is providing support to FIMI for their Global Leadership School, bringing together women to share experiences and participate in trainings.

Indigenous Women’s Fund

FIMI has created the Indigenous Women’s Fund as a means of supporting and promoting the work of Indigenous women around the world. Through a series of regional consultations, FIMI identifies key priorities for Indigenous women’s organizations and provides funds for those initiatives. The goal is to provide Indigenous women with the tools and resources they need to achieve individual and collective human rights within their communities and for all Indigenous Peoples.

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