Support MADRE by volunteering your time. 

There are many ways that you can help MADRE, either in our office or in your own home:

  • Do you live in New York City and have some free time during the work-week that you want to fill up? If you would like to volunteer in our office, write us at volunteers@madre.org or call us at (212) 627-0444.
  • Are you a skilled designer, artist, programmer, photographer, videographer, or do you have some other media or technical skill? Consider offering your services pro-bono to MADRE.  For more information, email us at media@madre.org or call us at (212) 627-0444. 
  • Is there an event in your community that would be the perfect place to pass out information about MADRE? Help us promote MADRE by staffing a table at an event near you. Let us know about it at least one week in advance, and we will send you whatever materials you need.  Write us at speakers@madre.org or call us at (212) 627-0444.