Launch a Fundraising Walk/Run

Short distance walk/run events, or even endurance competitions, are incredibly easy to join. Fun Runs, Walk-a-thons, 5K and 10K races, and endurance competitions (like triathlons) happen all the time in every city across the United States. It's even possible to start a charity walk/run of your own just by gathering friends or community members to walk together to raise funds for MADRE. All you have to do is sign up for a walk or create your own, set a personal goal and start fundraising. If you decide to create your own walk-a-thon or charity run make sure you first talk to your local city government for permits.

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Host a House Party

Launch a Fundraising Walk/Run

Organize a Garage, Yard or Stoop Sale

Start a Bake Sale

Manage a Benefit Concert or Battle of the Bands

Coordinate a Restaurant Night

Produce a Fashion Show

Have a Car Wash

Create a Bucketing Event and “Awareness Day”

Design an Art Exhibit

Organize a Silent Auction

Create a Facebook Causes Birthday Wish