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Helping Hands: Give Your Goods a Second Life

Helping Hands Wish List

MADRE's Helping Hands program provides women around the world with first aid supplies, medical equipment, classroom materials and other necessities on our wish list. With these resources women can strengthen their families and communities. You can take part by giving your reusable goods to families that would otherwise not have access to essential everyday supplies.


Donor Spotlight

Lions Club Thank you Tuckahoe Eastchester Lions Club for collecting over 2,500 eyeglasses for women and children in Nicaragua! The Tuckahoe Eastchester Lions Club has been a community service organization since 1925. Look for their Lions Recycle for Sight yellow mail boxes in Eastchester and Bronxville, New York to drop off your used eyeglasses.


Current Campaigns

Back to Safety, Back to School

c.Natalia Caruso, MADRE

MADRE’s sister organization in Kenya, the Indigenous Information Network, is working with the Nanyori Network of Shelters in Kenya to educate and shelter young girls who are escaping female genital mutilation or forced marriages. The shelters have asked us to provide the girls with feminine hygiene products and school supplies.

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Harvesting Hope

 c.Elizabeth Rappaport

MADRE is sending a shipment of organic vegetable seeds to our partner organization, Wangki Tangni on the North Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua, where three-quarters of the population suffers from malnutrition. Women farmers need new seeds to plant this growing season.

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Blow the Whistle on Violence against Women


MADRE works with the Women Workers' Committee in Guatemala and KOFAVIV in Haiti to provide women with whistles for safety. These essential tools provide security to women in communities without reliable protection from violence. You can be a positive force of change by donating whistles to women in Haiti and Guatemala today.Donate supplies »

Helping Hands: Light the Way with a Solar Light Bulb for a Haitian Woman


MADRE is working with Gift of Light for Haiti to provide solar lights to women and families living in displacement camps. The bulbs will be sent to MADRE’s sister organization KOFAVIV.

Please use this link to purchase a solar light bulb to ensure it goes directly to KOFAVIV.

Helping Hands: Trading War for Art

 c. Taller de Vida

Together with MADRE, our partner organization, Taller de Vida, offers a new life to children in Colombia at risk of being recruited as child soldiers in the continuing armed conflict. Many are also former child soldiers.

You can help children of conflict build a future of peace by donating art supplies. Learn more »


Ongoing Campaigns

Support Guatemalan Women to Fight Femicide



In the past decade, nearly 4,000 women and young girls have been murdered in Guatemala. Many of them, including girls as young as 10, were tortured and raped, their bodies left in public places. Women have coined the term “femicide” to describe these widespread, gender-based killings committed with impunity. Our sisters in Guatemala are organizing to protect each other. You can help them by providing whistles and flashlights for neighborhood watch members.

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Bridging the Digital Divide

c. MADRESeveral of MADRE’s sister organizations need electronic equipment to strengthen their work for women’s human rights. For instance, the Women Worker’s Committee in Guatemala needs video and digital cameras to document violations of women’s rights in maquilas (sweatshops). You can help by donating equipment from the wish list


Help Women and Children Maintain Healthy Lives


MADRE’s sister organizations need first aid kits, medical equipment, non-prescription and prescription medication and other supplies. You can help by donating items from the wish list.

Give Our World a Vision of Hope

c.Wangki Tangni

The Wangki Tangni Women's Center in Nicaragua needs eyeglasses and contact lenses for children and adults. The Center works with local optometrists to prescribe eyeglasses and contact lenses for individuals who would otherwise not have access to the supplies. Give Indigenous women and their families the gift of sight by donating items from their wish list.

Restore Reproductive Rights

c.Laura Flanders

Several of MADRE’s sister organizations need reproductive health resources to use as educational tools and to distribute at health fairs.  Access to these resources helps lower the incidence of STIs and HIV/AIDS, prevent unintended pregnancies and empower women to make healthy decisions about their sexual and reproductive lives. Please help MADRE provide valuable resources for women’s reproductive health by donating items from the wish list.

Support Beauty Inside and Out

c.Judith Clark

The Women Workers' Committee in Guatemala needs hygiene and beauty supplies to promote health fairs that provide dental care, vision tests, sexual health and family planning trainings and more. Help provide these much needed incentives by donating items from their wish list.

Provide Resources for Children’s Education


Several of MADRE’s sister organizations need school supplies for their classrooms.  Indigenous children living in rural and greatly underserved communities need your help to obtain school supplies that are crucial for everyday learning. Help provide these children with the tools for education by donating items from their wish list.

Invest in the Fabric of a Community


The Wangki Tangni Women's Sewing Collective, an income-generating cooperative made up of 35 Indigenous Miskito women, needs sewing machines and material. The Sewing Collective has a workshop with sewing machines, where they offer classes to women in the community. Members have begun pattern-making and dyeing projects and recently sold some of their products at a local small producers craft fair. Donate items from their wish list.

The Safe Birth Project

c. Jessica Alderman


Midwives for Peace is a grassroots group of Palestinian and Israeli midwives that saves lives by providing critical pre-natal care and childbirth support to women in the West Bank. By coming together across differences, Midwives for Peace is able to fulfill an urgent humanitarian need, promote reproductive rights and build peace. The midwives have asked us for safe birthing kits.

Donate Supplies


Shoes for Latin America and Caribbean


MADRE has launched a campaign to provide shoes for young women and girls living in displacement camps in Haiti. Without shoes many young girls in the camps are unable to walk to the KOFAVIV Women's Center in order to access the support, therapy and services that they urgently need.

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How you can take part

Go to the Helping Hands wish list to see what items you can donate.  If you don't have any of the items listed, but still want to make sure women and children have access to the supplies they need, make a monetary donation.

You can also organize a collection drive or a fundraising event. Learn More »


c.Wangki TangniHOW TO DONATE

Mail your donation to or drop it off at:   

Attn: Helping Hands Campaign
121 West 27th Street, Suite 301
New York, NY 10001

Please consider sending a dollar or two with your donation to help cover the costs of shipping the items.