Your Generosity ... Doubled

Look at the good you’ve accomplished in 2013! You’ve fueled a mass campaign to criminalize marital rape in Haiti. You've enabled us to deliver nerve gas antidotes to Syria. Now, your gift to help defend women and families worldwide will double in value during a Matching Gift Opportunity.

Give by December 31 and help twice as many brave women around the world!

Please seize this moment to make twice the impact.


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Great news! Your gift for women’s human rights will be doubled in value, thanks to a special matching gift opportunity. 

If you give by December 31, you’ll help us support twice as many of the bravest women in the world—women who find strength and courage through your friendship. 

Thanks to you, MADRE works where few others can, supporting women whose lives are ground zero for the worst crises we face as a global community. We're bringing urgent medical and reproductive care to pregnant Syrian refugee women... trauma counseling to young rape survivors in Haiti... shelter and education to girls escaping female genital mutilation in Kenya, and so much more.
We couldn't do this life-saving work without you. Thank you!
  • In Afghanistan, MADRE has created secret escape networks for women fleeing “honor killings,” mutilations, and other extremist violence. As the Taliban regroups, brutality against women is mounting, and so is the need for your support.  
  • In Palestine, MADRE reaches behind military roadblocks to aid women in labor and their newborns. Today, your gift can help twice as many women through the transcendent work of Midwives for Peace, a MADRE-supported project that connects Palestinian and Israeli midwives to help women in the West Bank deliver safely. 
  • In Sudan, terrible flooding has left already struggling families hungry. Your gift today will help MADRE provide seeds, tools and training to over 3,000 Sudanese women farmers to grow the food their families need to survive.

(c) Zenab for Women in Development
In Sudan, your gift today will help give her seeds and tools to raise food for her family. 


Your support changes lives. Here’s a brief sample of all that you have helped accomplish for women in 2013, and what I look forward to accomplishing with you in the coming year. 

In GuatemalaThis year, you provided vaccinations, pap smears, eye, ear and throat exams, and other preventative health care to hundreds of women living in extreme poverty. Next year, hundreds more women will also receive preventative health exams. 

In KenyaThis year, you helped protect hundreds of little girls from the “rite” of genital mutilation. Six boarding school shelters feed, educate and care for them. Next year, I’ll need your help to launch a program to deepen community support for an end to genital mutilation led by our local partners. 

In NicaraguaThis year, you helped open doors to safe houses that offer refuge, medical care and legal aid to rape survivors, most of them not even 14 years old. Next year, we’re counting on your help to train 110 women in remote areas to act as our eyes and ears to document cases of violence so we can protect women and prosecute abusers. 

(c) Muixil
In Guatemala, your gift will help her keep her children safe and healthy.

Won’t you continue to give women your strength as they mobilize for change? For thousands of women, it’s us or no one. Please make a tax-deductible gift today. I speak for women and girls who refuse to give in to despair when I say, “thank you.”
With gratitude and optimism,
Yifat Susskind
Executive Director
P.S. - Thirty years! That’s how long this extraordinary organization you’re part of has been working for women’s rights and social justice. Because we reach women others cannot, it’s MADRE – or no one – for thousands of women. Please let me count on you today.

Yifat Susskind in NicaraguaThere’s not a day that I don’t thank you for supporting the work that we first began 30 years ago: demanding rights, resources and results for women worldwide.

Whether you've been a MADRE member for 30 years or for 30 minutes, this is your story.

Just weeks ago, I was in Nicaragua. I could see right in front of me what 30 years of MADRE member support has meant—wells bringing clean water to communities… organic vegetable plots feeding families and providing women with incomes… a safe house for young girls escaping sex trafficking... women empowered through our human rights trainings to demand a better life for themselves and their kids…

Your support of MADRE has been at the heart of our work in Nicaragua and wherever we stand up for women's rights. Thank you!