You helped women suffering life-threatening abuse and supported midwives in Afghanistan

EOYReport-Afghanistan.jpgAfghanistan remains one of the most dangerous places on earth to be a woman, where "honor killing," marital rape and domestic violence are rampant. Denied their basic human rights, it’s nearly impossible for women in these situations to safely escape.

  • Your generosity has enabled us to activate the Afghan Women’s Survival Fund, our underground escape network for women fleeing extreme violence. Your support helps cover medical care, food, shelter, transportation, clothing and other personal effects for women to safely escape. Thank you!

Afghanistan has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world. A majority of these deaths are preventable with access to health care services. MADRE has expanded our work in Afghanistan to being a partnership with Afghan midwives, who tirelessly work to provide life-saving care to women and newborns.

  • Through your generous donations, MADRE was able to deliver prenatal vitamins and safe birth supplies to the Afghan Midwives Association. These supplies are crucial to improving maternal health in Afghanistan. Thank you!


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Nothing is more important than your participation in the work we do.  Please recommit yourself to the struggle for women’s human rights.  And remember, your donation will be doubled in value if you give before December 31, 2012!  Thank you.