You helped rape survivors find justice, and control cholera in Haiti

  • EOYReport-Haiti 2.jpgTo date, more than 4,000 rape survivors in Port-au-Prince displacement camps are recovering from their trauma and looking to the future, thanks to the medical and legal aid,counseling, and other services that would not exist without your generosity.
  • Awareness training for Haitian police is already changing callous and degrading attitudes toward rape survivors. Thanks to you, police officers are now required to alert our sister organization whenever a woman comes to report a rape. One of our partners will now be at the side of every rape survivor to offer support and vital recovery services you make possible. What a victory for justice!
  • This year, floods in Haiti brought deadly cholera, which can drain away life in hours. Your quick response allowed MADRE to provide urgent care by distributing emergency kits to treat a steady stream of sick people who would not have lived long enough to reach a hospital.  Women lined up by the hundreds for water purification kits to prevent illness. Without your caring, many would not be alive today.
  • Leadership in our amazing protection and empowerment campaign in Haiti has earned Malya Villard-Appolon, of our sister organization, a place as a finalist in this year’s prestigious CNN Heroes Award.  Congratulations to you for helping to provide the backing that empowers Malya’s heroism. Click here to vote!


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Nothing is more important than your participation in the work we do.  Please recommit yourself to the struggle for women’s human rights.  And remember, your donation will be doubled in value if you give before December 31, 2012!  Thank you.