You brought hope to families of disabled children and guided women to safety in Iraq

EOYReport-Iraq.jpgIn the Iraqi town of Haweeja, more than 800 children have been born with severe disabilities, including missing limbs, paralysis, and blindness. Many teenagers are now developing cancers. Parents point to toxic munitions dumping from a nearby US military base as the cause of their children’s suffering. Children are dying or living in pain without medical help.  Our sisters, the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq, discovered this crisis.

  • Through your compassion, MADRE is working to provide urgent medical care to the children, and demand accountability for this health crisis. The mothers of Haweeja need you now.

We’ve widened the net of women’s shelters and safe houses in MADRE’s Underground Railroad. A new shelter in Bagdad, made possible through your support, is now giving refuge and safe passage to a new life for women threatened with "honor killings," domestic violence and forced prostitution. Thank you. 


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Nothing is more important than your participation in the work we do.  Please recommit yourself to the struggle for women’s human rights.  And remember, your donation will be doubled in value if you give before December 31, 2012!  Thank you.