The Roxana Children's Fund

When Roxana Diaz Gomez passed away at the age of 27, we lost a friend, sister and dedicated activist for women's rights worldwide.

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In memory of Roxana and in celebration of her dedication to human rights, we are redoubling our efforts in support of our sisters worldwide. We have created a fund to sustain programs for children in Nicaragua, Roxana's home country. Help carry on Roxana's legacy.

RoxanaChildrensFund.JPGIn Nicaragua, we partner with Wangki Tangni, an Indigenous community organization, to better the lives of women and families. Their programs for children:

  • Secure clean water sources so that children are protected from threats like cholera, typhoid and dysentery
  • Educate children about Indigenous culture and folklore, passing knowledge down through the generations
  • Protect young girls from trafficking and violence, offering safe houses

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Roxana's Life and Legacy

Roxana1.jpgWith her senseless passing at just 27, the world lost a young woman full of laughter, intelligence and tenacity. We mourn that she was taken from us so suddenly and so soon, but we celebrate the time we had with her and the joy she brought to our lives.

Roxana was born and raised in Managua, Nicaragua, a treasured member of a loving family and circle of friends. She graduated from Tulane University in 2007, and she was pursuing an advanced degree at Columbia University. She also worked with the organizations Operation Smile and the International Indigenous Women's Forum.

For three years, Roxana dedicated herself wholeheartedly to her work as a Program Coordinator at MADRE. All of us who had the opportunity to work beside her were inspired and impressed by her drive to work for social justice worldwide. She was fierce, hard-working and tireless, and she motivated others to be the same. What’s more, she knew how to have fun and how to be funny, how to be there for friends in tough times and make them laugh.

We will always hold her in our hearts and count ourselves lucky to have known her.

We miss you, and we love you, Roxana.

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