Tell Iraqi Women You're Still There

It has been ten years since the US invasion of Iraq. I can’t help but think about the women and families there, what they’ve lived through and how much you, as a MADRE member, mean to them.  

As you know, US aggression has spawned wave after wave of bloodshed in Iraq, including the rise of religious extremists who are waging an unending war on women.

Rape, forced prostitution and domestic violence continue to destroy the lives of Iraqi women and girls. "Honor killings" of women have increased.

Through it all, your MADRE membership makes you a force for good in Iraq, and wherever MADRE works, as no other organization can. Please show me you’re still with us by renewing your 2013 MADRE membership with a tax-deductible gift today.

In Iraq, your membership dollars support an “underground railroad,” a network of shelters that guide women threatened with violence to safety, much like African Americans were guided to freedom in the days of slavery. 

You’ve also helped us uncover the hidden tragedy of Haweeja, located near a US military munitions dump, where hundreds of children are now suffering from birth defects and cancers. Your support for our medical relief and for our political demands for US accountability tells these grieving families that they have friends in the US who have not turned their backs on them.

Your MADRE membership makes this possible. Thank you.

The power of your MADRE membership for women’s rights is felt not only in Iraq, but around the world. Here are just a few examples:  

  • In Afghanistan, a MADRE-supported underground railroad, like the one in Iraq, continues to offer shelter to women who too often choose suicide as their only other means of escape from daily violence.
  • For Syrian women war refugees, your membership dollars are bringing midwives to help women raped in the war to cope with their trauma. 
  • In Haiti, where girls orphaned by the earthquake are forced to exchange sex for food, membership dollars are giving them the food, medicine, counseling and motherly love they need.
  • In Nicaragua, your membership dollars protect women and girls who are fleeing brutal violence by giving them the shelter and support they need to survive.

Your unbroken loyalty is needed on so many fronts. Please renew your 2013 membership with a tax-deductible gift today. There is no other way to accomplish what we do together for women and girls, and no one else to do it.
With deep appreciation,
Yifat Susskind
Executive Director
P.S. - The importance of your membership gift today goes beyond dollars. Your gift is your show of solidarity with the world’s bravest women, and it means the world to them. Won’t you give them your strength as they mobilize for change? Please renew today with a tax-deductible giftThank you.