Take Action to End Violence Against Haitian Women

I have exciting news to share—a worldwide campaign is taking off, and we need you! 

As someone dedicated to women's rights worldwide, you're probably well aware of the lifesaving work of Haitian women who mobilize to protect rape survivors. MADRE and our Haitian sister organization KOFAVIV have worked together to make sure that women get the urgent care and long-term counseling they need to heal.

And now, we're fighting to extend this protection even further—by making it Haitian law.

We're pushing for a breakthrough revision in the Haitian legal code that will prohibit and punish violence against women. Crucially, it prohibits and punishes all sexual assault, including marital rape. This legislation is truly groundbreaking. It will help bring justice for all women who face violence in Haiti.

Haitian women have been rallying local support for this legislation. And now, we’ve joined with the International Campaign to Stop Rape & Gender Violence in Conflict to launch a campaign to show that we stand with Haitian women.

Here’s where you come in: sign this letter of support for Haitian women's petition to pass this important legal reform. The more signatures we get, the more we build a movement in support of every woman's right to live a life free of violence. 

Read the letter of support below. Sign your name and demand justice.

Our sisters in Haiti thank you!


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Yifat Susskind
MADRE Executive Director


To Haitian women's rights activists:

As people dedicated to women’s rights in Haiti and worldwide, we support your call for action to end violence against women and girls. We echo your demand for urgent passage of the new legal reform effort.

Every person has the right to a life free of violence. As women in Haiti, you know the violent threats that you confront, and you are organizing to create solutions. We stand with you in support of legal reform that will create a roadmap to enhance the obligations of the Haitian government to combat violence against women.

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