Take Action: Endorse a Women's Rights Agenda for the G8

On May 18, leaders of the world’s eight largest economies (the G8) will gather at Camp David, a walled-off retreat reserved for the US President and his guests. There, they will make decisions that will affect all of us, no matter where we live.

This unjust distribution of political power means that sustainable alternatives to harmful policies are ignored, and voices of the global 99% are silenced.

We need your help to raise our voices and demand a women’s human rights agenda for the G8. Sign on to the open letter below.


To Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Canada); President Francois Hollande (France); Chancellor Angela Merkel (Germany); Prime Minister Mario Monti (Italy); Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda (Japan); President Dmitry Medvedev (Russia); Prime Minister David Cameron (United Kingdom); President Barack Obama (United States):

Every year, you come together to create policies that affect us all. Every year, these policies are drafted without input from the women, families and communities they affect.

But women’s human rights advocates refuse to be ignored. We know that women worldwide are creating solutions to the crises we all face, including poverty, economic injustice and militarism. The world cannot afford to ignore these solutions.

Too often, G8 policies are designed to protect the richest at the expense of the rest. That is why we are putting forward our own G8 agenda—a women’s human rights agenda.

We, human rights activists from around the world, demand an end to business-as-usual policies that hurt women and their families. We demand that you promote health, economic justice, environmental sustainability, access to public services, democracy and peace. We demand G8 policies that uphold—not undermine—women’s human rights.


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Yifat Susskind, MADRE Executive Director