Support Young Girls In Haiti

Three years ago, Minou was a happy, healthy 13-year-old girl. She had a loving family. She enjoyed jumping rope with her friends and singing in the chorus at school. But on January 12, 2010, Minou’s life was shattered in a matter of seconds.

Minou was left orphaned and homeless by the devastating earthquake in Haiti. For months afterwards, she scoured the growing tent camp where she now lives in search of bits of food or a safe place to sleep. Desperate and exhausted, she was finally forced to have sex with a man in exchange for food, water and shelter. With no family to protect her, this was her only chance for survival.    

This is happening to young girls in the camps in Haiti every day.  

Women from MADRE’s sister organization, KOFAVIV, found Minou in a camp, trembling, traumatized and alone. They comforted her, like no one had since her mother died, and sheltered her from predators. They brought her back to the KOFAVIV Women’s Center, where she was fed and cared for. Thanks to the support of people like you, Minou finally felt loved and safe.

Your gift today will help us give food, water and shelter to many more young girls like Minou, who might otherwise be forced to trade sex to survive.  


Haiti (c) Andre Lambertson_cropped.jpg
A young girl at the KOFAVIV Center (c) Andre Lambertson

Your gift will also support our workshops organized to offer girls like Minou the long-term care they need, including medical care, counseling and social support. And classes in job skills, such as jewelry-making and hairdressing, will provide girls an alternative to exchanging sex to survive.

That’s the MADRE difference — wherever we work, we’re there to meet our sisters’ urgent needs, and we stay with them for the long haul to develop lasting solutions to the crises they face.   

But we need you to keep these vital, lifesaving programs up and running. It’s been three years since the earthquake, and these girls are still enduring the terrible aftershocks.  For many of them, it’s MADRE and you, or no one.

Please let them know that you’re standing with them, with a tax-deductible gift today.  

With gratitude,   


Yifat Susskind            
Executive Director        

P.S. – Whenever our sisters are in need, I know I can count on you. Your commitment and support is what makes our lifesaving work with women and girls possible. Our sisters in Haiti need you now. Please make a tax-deductible gift today.