Support the World's Bravest Women in 2014

It was a daring escape, and it couldn’t have happened without you. 

Last week, I got an urgent call from our partners to help two sisters, only 15 and 18 years old, on the run from forced marriage. Our partners there, who must remain anonymous because the very act of sheltering girls in danger is illegal in their country, asked for MADRE’s help to bring these girls to safety. 

Together, we forged a daring plan. We dressed the girls in wigs and other disguises to take them on the next, dangerous step of their journey — to an embassy where they could arrange travel to safety. 

Reaching the embassy meant crossing territory where the girls’ family was hunting them down, in complicity with the police.  

If caught, the girls would undoubtedly be severely beaten for their disobedience or worse yet, killed by their family. Our heroic partners risked the same fate.

After MADRE and our partners set the plan in motion, I anxiously waited for good news. Finally, the call came. Both girls arrived safely to the embassy, where travel arrangements are now being made. 

Your MADRE Membership Gift today will set a plan in motion:

  • In Syria and in neighboring refugee communities, your gift today will deliver life-saving humanitarian aid, trauma counseling and reproductive health services to Syrian women and girls.

  • In Haiti, your gift today will strengthen legal protections against marital rape and other forms of violence against women and girls.

  • In Nicaragua, your gift today will provide shelter for women and girls escaping trafficking and violence.

  • In Kenya, your gift today will expand our shelter schools and protect more girls from genital mutilation and forced early marriage.

  • In Colombia, your gift today will help child solders recover from their unspeakable trauma.

That is the kind of daring solutions your gifts to MADRE help us achieve. While you were not physically there, your support let us get straight to work. You made this happen.  


Thank you a thousand times over for continuing to help MADRE deliver strategic, financial and moral support to women who are fighting for their freedom and rights — in Nicaragua, Iraq, Kenya, Syria, and wherever MADRE works. No other international organization does what you empower MADRE to do.  Please don’t stop

I urge you to renew your MADRE membership with a gift that will change a woman or girl’s life and is, of course, tax-deductible. 

For three decades, MADRE has been supporting the world’s bravest women in their fight for rights. But you’ve never been needed more than I need you now. Please continue to be part of our victories against violence and injustice in 2014.

With great thanks and appreciation,

Yifat Signature.jpgYifat Susskind.JPG

Yifat Susskind

Executive Director


P.S. This year, we celebrate 30 years of global activism for women’s rights — 30 years of MADRE.  I came to MADRE 15 years ago as a young activist determined to find a place where I could live out my principles and fight for social justice. I found it many times over in MADRE. I hope you have, too. Won’t you continue on this journey with us? Please say yes.