Support Shelters for Kenyan Girls

In Kenya, something is happening that's being spoken of in whispers. Little girls are being sold into marriage as underage "drought brides" but not before enduring the torture of having part or all of their external genitalia cut away—often with crude, unwashed tools and without anesthetic or antiseptics.

Elders call it a rite of passage. But Kenyan mothers call it ritual female genital mutilation and so does international human rights law. Many mothers remember the pain of undergoing FGM and of giving up their education when they got married. They want to make sure their daughters don’t face what they went through.

But that's where you come in. Through the power of your generosity, MADRE is helping support the Nanyori Shelter Network, a group of six shelters in Kenya that feed and care for hundreds of girls who have escaped the cutting mat and forced marriage bed. Created by the Indigenous Information Network, MADRE's sister organization in Kenya, these shelters provide support and powerful incentive for girls to attend school. Hundreds of graduating girls will become teachers, nurses, social workers and lawyers who elevate entire communities.

Your support helps provide school materials, clothes, shoes, food, clean water, health care, medicines, personal care products, matresses–everything needed to educate, empower and protect young girls at risk.

Kenyan girls deserve the opportunity to pursue their own destinies. You can help keep these vital school shelters open for the girls who so desperately need them. Please make a gift today to help protect, educate and empower these girls.

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Women Tell Their Stories: Read stories from Kenyan women about the positive impact of the Nanyori Shelter Network in their communities.  

Virtual Delegation to Kenya: MADRE Executive Director Yifat Susskind and Program Director Natalia Caruso recently traveled to Kenya to meet with our sister organizations--and we'd like to give you the chance to relive the trip!


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